Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey, I'm back and this time I've been thinking about Robots. Not the little guys we've got running around, I mean the androids bent on our destruction.

I seem to have lots of types of posts, but I think they're important. I through the Robot/Android Armageddon? Yes please, I like living, and I've got some useful tips for combating the robotic overlords.

First, the most common household items that are effective. Fridge magnets are good since they are small and easily placeable, plus the robots won't want to touch them. Next up would be a microwave; they're great at frying electrical circuits; but can't move too far from a wall outlet unless you've got extension cables. Another one that came to my mind(if you've got one) is a pressure washer; blast their joints and heads and it should break them down.

The more exotic weapons would be like electro-magnets, an EMP, or stuff generally not available to the public. Another one would be a taser gun, easy to find, but a little difficult to get a hold of.

For the programing-inclined individuals, you could write a virus. It would stop them for a while until their memory gets flushed and they reboot.

So a few ideas for surviving the Robot/Android Apocalypse, if you've got a few, leave some comments. Knowledge is Power![ok I'll admit that was even corny for me]

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