Friday, February 13, 2009

Going out?

Yep, I gotta get ready for the 'Sweetheart Dance' that is happening around 9:30 tonight so...they said for me to get a date...but I really dont know anyone outside of work so I think I am OK to go stag. Right?

Ive done it in the past without any major issues but the thing that weighs on my mind is the face that its a sweetheart dance and the majority of people who will be there will be paired with their significant others/newlyweds or that kind of thing. Leaving me usually in the corner, sipping on some punch. Dont get me wrong, I really like to bust a groove on the dance floor but trying to find a pretty lady to dance with...thats a whole 'nother story.

Also since its my Saturday night(gotta be at work tomorrow) I might as well make it the best one I can right? I mean, Im going there to have fun and dance the night away, sure I may feel out of place but still; Im out there having fun.

Though sometimes I feel I need a vacation. Like a really long cruise or perhaps going to my mom's place and seeing what California is like. I dont know, but I really think I need one soon. It kind of helps that the schedule is going to be the same for the rest of the duration that I work there so it can help me plan for things. Only problem is the schedule is planned out for two months at a time. I would have to wait roughly three months before I saw a vacation come my way.

But its not the time for that: Ive got to get ready! Its already past 8PM and I like to get myself spiffy clean for the ladies.


Rach said...

bust a move dude!

Jenny Westheaven said...

Hope you broke a leg good (but not literally, lol!)

Ahhh, you just need Anime Expo, like the rest of us anime and gaming nerds. xDD