Friday, February 6, 2009

...I need some windex...

So its been around a solid month since Ive had my iPhone and I have searched high and low in this house and the one thing I need but cant find? Windex. Also I ran out of milk today so Ive got to make a trip when I wake up and get some and do a little house cleaning also for my grandmother. Especially my room. Jackets on the floor, small electronics, etc, etc.

I met up with my other grandmother and we had a nice long chat about me and her and the rest of my family on my mothers side. It was good to catch up, since the majority of the time she is on vacation; I dont really know how she manages with her pension but I guess that shows how manageable she is with money huh?

Not much from my corner of the world, just blowing cold. Not snow thankfully.

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Jen said...

Good for you for meeting with the "other" g-ma. Sounds like everything is going well for ya. You never posted how the dance went. Anything exciting happen?c o