Sunday, February 8, 2009


So. My sister tagged me and now Ive got to post the 6th picture in my 6th folder. Well...I did'nt have six pictures in there so I pulled this one out of the bag. This was when we were driving back from Flo-Town I was in the car with my sister and her husband and they happened to have a camera. I cant remember why we were there in Florence, I think we were eating over at my dad's place but anyway. They started getting a little camera happy and took pictures of each other and then turned their sights on me. This was the result.

It was fun, we had a good time driving back to Eugene. On a completely different note, I picked up the Ocarina app for my iPhone and I can already play the Song of Time from Legend of Zelda! For those not aware, I will show a Youtube video of the song...hold on. and I sound like that when I play sometimes, but I LOVE it.

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